Tween Stars Wanted: Must Be Primed for Pressure (PRL)

Even this article’s title makes me sad! “Tween Stars Wanted: Must Be Primed for Pressure,” appearing in The New York Times Online, introduces twelve-year-old China Anne McClain. China is an actress and a singer whose new Disney Channel show premiers this month. The series, “A.N.T. Farm,” was tailor-made for her and she also has a record deal. With all of this opportunity, however, comes a great deal of pressure. For one thing, China is following in the footsteps of the tween queens who have come before her. As stars like Miley Cyrus, for example, have built empires of sorts, Disney Channel executives will expect China to do the same. That is a lot of pressure for a twelve year old! Another pressure China faces is the pressure to be a role model. Because of stars like Miley Cyrus who were sold as role models but grew up to become the opposite, parents of viewers as well as the media will be watching China closely. For a kid who’s only twelve and likely hasn’t completed puberty yet, it’s practically a given that she’ll make some mistakes while growing up. Her mistakes, however, will be lived out in public. Though it is important that the stars tweens are watching are positive role models, I feel like it’s unrealistic to expect perfection from them. It’s more realistic to hope that when they do screw up, that they can be honest about their mistakes and accept the consequences.

Barnes, Brooks. Tween Stars Wanted: Must Be Primed for Pressure. Retrieved from

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