Skechers Shape-Ups for Tween Girls (PRL)

The video embedded in the article linked above is must see! It’s an advertisement for the the new Skechers Shape-Ups for girls. The advertisement is clearly targeting tween-aged (and maybe even younger) girls and shows a young, girl band singing “she’s lookin’ good and havin’ fun cause Heidi’s got new Shape-Up!” Now, I already think that Shape-Ups for adults are mostly a marketing ploy as I don’t think they really do any more for you than regular sneakers. Shape-Ups for tweens, however, are completely ridiculous! While the company claims to be targeting childhood obesity, I think they’re trying to make money off of tween girls who will want these new, glittery shoes. Fitness is, of course, important but I don’t think that being “in shape” should be these young girls’ priority and the very name of these shoes promotes being in shape! Also, though this particular ad doesn’t mention this, Shape-Ups are known for supposedly toning your rear end. I think tween girls are too young to be focused on being “in shape” and looking good, and are certainly to young to be targeted by marketing campaigns selling those very things.

Sharp, Gwen. Skechers Shape-Ups for Tween Girls. Retrieved from

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