Sarah Ferge column: Parents can ward off “tween” culture (PRL)

In this installment of Sarah Ferge’s column (linked above) she discusses tween culture. More specifically, she discusses the sexy clothing styles that, though they may be appropriate for adults, are now being marketed to tween girls. Ferge discusses the idea that tweens are the brainchild of marketing executives, and that these same executives are marketing inappropriate styles to tweens from behind a they’re-mature-enough-to-express-themselves-and-no-longer-need-their-parents-to-make-their-consumer-decisions-for-them defense. Ferge, who is a mother herself, argues that tweens face an unrelenting bombardment of media and that parents need to protect and guide them rather than just support their naive choices. Though I do believe that tweens have always existed and aren’t just the creation of marketing executives, I also think Ferge is right. A few years ago, I began to notice how different life is today from how it was when I was a tween. When I was a tween, I don’t remember being very aware of what was going on in the media. Now, however, the media is directly targeting tweens. I do believe that tweens have their own unique tastes, styles, preferences, etc. and that they do have the right to express themselves. However, with this constant media presence in their lives, I also think that tweens do need their parents as guides.

Ferge, Sarah. Sarah Ferge column: Parents can ward off “tween” culture. Retrieved from

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