Pre-teen brothers battle fat together: One family’s story (PRL)

I really enjoyed the article linked above, written by JoNel Aleccia. When I was growing up my mom rarely bought soda, and when she did it was a real treat. I can remember having to split a can with my brother and comparing our glasses to make sure we got an equal amount! My mom cooked dinner most nights and we rarely ate out. Though I knew that we were a fairly “healthy” family, I didn’t really appreciate the way my mom had raised us until I was older and had moved out on my own. I was working and going to school and began to eat out more and drink soda more often. I began to feel gross and realized that I needed to make more of an effort to live and eat as I had when I lived at home. Having that foundation to fall back on made things so much easier! According to Aleccia’s article, Rene Doubrava, mother of ten-year-old Garrett and eight-year-old Nathaniel, is working on building that foundation for her children now. When Doubrava noticed that the boys had gained weight, she decided that it was time to change the family’s eating and exercise habits. The family has cut out soda, is eating more fruits and vegetables, and has started exercising more. One of the ideas that Doubrava introduced to her family was the idea of a “stoplight” system which divides food into three categories: red for high-calorie foods, yellow for moderate-calorie foods, and green for low-calorie foods. Each family member can eat one red light food a day. I think this is a really great, yet simple way to teach kids about healthy eating habits and the importance of moderation.

Aleccia, JoNel. Pre-teen brothers battle fat together: one family’s story. Retrieved from

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