Not being boy-crazy normal for tweens, teens (PRL)

This article, I believe, represented tweens pretty accurately. It discussed the idea that tweens may not be “entertaining romantic notions at an increasingly younger age” as the media suggests. Because of the wide range of ages at which puberty occurs, tweens won’t all become interested in the opposite sex at the the same time. Though this is perfectly normal, the article suggests that tweens are subject to pressures to fit in with their peers. Though a tween boy might not be developmentally at the point where he’s interested in girls yet, he might feel as though he should be interested in girls. What the article suggests is that this is where the parents should step in. It argues that parents should normalize where their child is at developmentally, and I completely agree. Because tweens’ maturity levels, interests, etc. vary so greatly, it’s important for them to know that wherever they’re at is normal. It may not be normal for everyone, but it’s normal for them.

Stevens, Heidi. Not being boy-crazy normal for tweens, teens. Retrieved from

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