Nonversations: When talking to your teen is one-sided (PRL)

The article linked above discusses “nonversations,” or conversations that are about logistics or unimportant issues like weekend schedules or meals. Because these types of conversations lack meaning, they wind up frustrating all involved parties. Nonversations are typical among parents and their teens or tweens, but with this article’s advice, they can be avoided. This article stresses that by approaching their tween in certain ways, parents can avoid have one-sided conversations or frustrating nonversations. For example, it suggested identifying your tween’s “no-go-zones.” If your son is always grumpy and tight-lipped in the car ride home from school, but warms up after he’s had a snack, you’ll know to wait until then to engage in conversation. I think this is really great advice! In my experience, everyone has a no-go-zone (I, for example, need time to warm up after I get home from work). And, well, tweens are people, too, so it makes sense that they’d have no-go-zones as well! If parents are able to wait until their tweens are ready to talk, their conversations will be much more enjoyable and effective. The article also suggested creating no-technology areas in the home. As tweens today are so “wired in,” parents are often competing with iPods, texts, Facebook, etc. Creating no-technology areas within the home will give parents more opportunities to interact with their kids. This is also great advice! Not only will it allow for more quality family time, but I think it expresses to tweens that life does exist outside of Facebook and their cell phone!

Van Petten, Vanessa. Nonversations: When talking to your teen is one-sided. Retrieved from

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