New, Glittery Feminine Products Introduces Menstruation to Tweens (PRL)

The article linked above, appearing on, discusses a new line of pads and panty liners introduced by Kotex. As girls are now beginning menstruation as young as age seven, this new line, U by Kotex Tween, is designed to fit tween girls. The products are smaller and come in glittery packages, which include and informational pamphlet. Initially, I thought of this new line as merely another marketing scheme. Kotex, I thought, is looking to make money off of tweens (or off of their parents)! However, the more I consider the idea, the more I warm to it. A tween-inspired Kotex line might ease some of the anxieties girls have about starting their periods. When I was in the fifth grade my mom bought me a period starter kit of sorts. It came in a nylon turquoise bag and included and informational booklet, pads, and tampons. I kept in on a shelf in my closet (I couldn’t risk my dad or brother seeing it), and I can remember taking it down periodically and flipping through the booklet and looking at the products. Though I wasn’t necessarily excited to start my period, feeling prepared helped me feel less anxious about the process. The new U by Kotex Tween line could do the same thing for tween girls today. I like that each package comes with and informational pamphlet. Also, the fact that the products are packaged in a fun way might make them more appealing to girls and less frightening.

New, Glittery Feminine Products Introduces Menstruation to Tweens. Retrieved from

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