Mercer Island Boys ‘Guys Read’ Book Group Meet with Author via Skype (PRL)

DeAnn Rossetti’s article “Mercer Island Boys ‘Guys Read’ Book Group Meet with Author via Skype” is an excellent example of the fact that it is possible to get tween boys to read. The  ‘Guys Read’ book group was started by Megan Hand, a mother who got the idea off of a flier her nine-year-old son’s school sent home that suggested hosting a “book party” in order to get boys interested in reading. Megan had her son Copper invite his friends from school and their moms over to read the book The Guardians of Ga’Hoole, which was required reading for school. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but the boys enjoyed it so much that they now meet regularly and are on their seventh book. They were even able to meet an author via Skype recently! This proves that boys will read if they can see that reading is fun. This group, for example, combined reading with a social activity. In my experience, a lot of the male, reluctant tween readers I’ve encountered (my brother, for example) are very social individuals. They’d rather be outside, hanging out with their friends and skateboarding or playing football, than inside reading alone. By including Cooper’s friends and their mothers in the reading, Megan perhaps appealed to her son’s social tendencies. Also important is finding books that boys will want to read. I believe that once boys discover that they do like to read, they will then be more open to different types of books.

Rossetti, DeAnn. Mercer Island Boys ‘Guys Read’ Book Group Meet with Author via Skype. Retrieved from

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