Justin Bieber’s Tween Mall Riot Punishment: Filming a PSA (PRL)


The article linked above discusses the riot that broke out at a mall where Justin Bieber was scheduled to appear in 2009. Thousands of girls and their aggressive parents forced police to cancel Bieber’s concert at the Roosevelt Field Mall, and Bieber’s manager and Def Jam music executive were charged with misdemeanors when they refused to send out Twitter messages in order to help calm down the crowd. Justin was not charged, but he has agreed to appear in a PSA in exchange for the charges against his manager and music executives being dropped. The PSA is about cyberbullying. I think this is a really awesome move on Justin’s part as, due to his extreme popularity, the PSA will reach a lot of people. Cyberbulling is a huge issue right now and Justin’s PSA will have an impact on a lot of people. Tweens who look up to Justin might be victims of bullying and his PSA will show them that they’re not alone and that someone (someone very cool!) cares. Or they might be bullies themselves, and hearing an anti-bullying message from one of their idols might prompt them to change their behavior.

Chung, Jen. Justin Bieber’s Tween Mall Riot Punishment: Filming a PSA. Retrieved from http://gothamist.com/2011/05/07/justin_biebers_punishment_for_causi.php.

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