Boys’Life.org is the website for the monthly magazine Boys’ Life, published by the Boy Scouts of America. The site features jokes, games, video game reviews and news, subscriber photos and videos, an Outdoors & Gear page with articles like “how to stay clean on the trail” and “great reflector oven recipes,” and a “Hobbies & Projects” with articles like “how to make a balloon-powered hovercraft” and “growing plants without dirt.”

Review/personal thoughts:

I really like this site! Though its home page initially appeared cluttered and difficult to navigate, the website contains a lot of fun and useful information. The articles cover a wide range on interests such as camping, chess, movies, biking, skateboarding, reading, etc. Thus, I believe that the site will appeal to almost any tween boy. I loved the article “Sure-fire hits to get you reading,” which divided teacher/librarian-tested titles into categories like bizarre/gross, survival, and scary. Also, when I clicked on a page and it didn’t load, this message popped up: “Goshdarnit! Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault.” I found this hilarious and a nice little touch.

Reading/interest level: ages 6 and up

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