Willow Smith: Whip My Hair Music Video



In the video for ten-year-old Willow Smith’s hit “Whip My Hair,” Willow enters a very sterile, very white room. Everyone in the room is wearing head to toe white. Willow moves to the front of the room and sets down some cans of paint. She proceeds to dip the tip of her long braid into the paint and then whips her hair around. This causes the paint to splatter and brings color to the room.

Review/personal thoughts:

When watching the music video for Willow Smith’s hit song “Whip My Hair,” its hard to believe that she is only ten years old! However, I don’t think this is because the song or the video are inappropriate. The song is catchy and fun, and the music video is energetic. Above all, the message of the song is a great one for tweens to pay attention to, as it expresses the importance of being yourself and not letting others’ opinions influence the way you feel about yourself.

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