Beacon Street Girls

Summary: is a website “committed to the health and well being of girls ages 9-13.” Its mission is “to provide the kind of positive role models and empowering messages that help girls believe in themselves, whatever their challenges.” The five Beacon Street Girls are best friends described as:

  • “Charlotte, the dreamy global girl”
  • “Katani, an intelligent fashion diva”
  • “Maeve, the lively redhead who wants to sing, dance and help the world”
  • “Avery, impressionable, athletic, and outspoken”
  • “Isabel, the artist with a clever sense of humor”

The site features an art gallery showcasing art created by BSG fans, different clubs (such as the Cooking Club and Creative Writing Club), games, giveaways, and more.

Review/personal thoughts:

I have mixed feelings about the Beacon Street Girls website. On the one hand I like that the five girls are ethnically diverse and each have unique interests. However, the girls aren’t portrayed realistically. They certainly look as I think a lot of tween girls would like to look, but they don’t look as most tween girls actually do look. On the website, they appear very thin, fashionable, and pretty…almost modelesque. I did love the site’s Creative Writing Club page, which featured a “Book Talk” discussion board allowing users to share their favorite books as well as fun writing exercises. Unfortunately, the site felt very commercial to me. I clicked on the “books” tab hoping to find recommended reading lists for tween girls, but wound up with a page advertising Beacon Street Girls books!

Reading/interest level: ages 9 to 13

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