Summary: is a social networking site aimed at tween and teen girls. The site allows users to “create their own pages and profiles, send messages and virtual gifts, blab about their lives, write songs, upload pictures, report news, reviews books, listen to music and rate movies.” It’s a safe place for tween girls to blog, as it doesn’t allow users to post any identifying information and college students monitor all posts and photos.

Review/personal thoughts:

The “Rules” page (located under the site’s “About” tab) won some major points with me! The Rules page establishes the rules for blogging on this site. Rules include: don’t post your last name, don’t give out your email address, don’t post pictures of yourself, your family, or your friends, don’t post the name of your school, etc. These rules establish the site as a safe place for tween girls to blog, as does “Ally’s Gang,” a group of college students hired to monitor all posts and photos.

Though silly, I think the site’s “Rate My Pet” feature is sweet and innocent fun appropriate for tween girls. Also, the “Secrets” page made me giggle. It allows users to anonymously share the secrets “you’re afraid to even tell your bff for fear of what she’ll think.” Posted secrets include: “I pretend to like Justin Bieber to fit it,” “I wanna b a mermaid!” (I love this one!), and “I shave behind my mom’s back.” However, users’ secrets aren’t always so comical. Users also posted about their parents’ divorce, self-esteem issues, their father being laid off, etc. I like that this feature can act as a journal of sorts to girls who might be going through a rough time. Users can get the secrets they might view as shameful off their chests, without exposing themselves.

Reading/interest level: ages 10 & up

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