The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Dinah Bucholz. Adams Media, 2010. 239 pages.

Plot: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook includes over 150 easy-to-make, Harry Potter inspired recipes! Each recipes indicates where the food can be found in the Harry Potter series. For example, Harry enjoyed the “treacle tart” featured on page 178 while witnessing an argument between Ron and Hermione over Ron’s insensitive remarks to Nearly Headless Nick. The recipes also include fun or historical facts about the dish. For example, “when the first ice cream recipe found its way to England in the 1600s, King Charles I wanted to keep it for himself” (Bucholz, 2010, p.4).

Review/personal thoughts: A huge Harry Potter fan myself, I loved this book! Connecting each recipe to a moment in the series, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook brought the already vivid Harry Potter series to life! As author Dinah Bucholz states in the introduction, “if you’re not from the British Isles you may not recognize the foods mentioned in the Harry Potter series” (Bucholz, 2010, p.xiii). Dishes such as pumpkin pasties and steak and kidney pudding certainly perplexed and fascinated me while I was devouring the series. Bucholz’s cookbook will not only treat fans to to the Hogwarts fare that has eluded them, but it will introduce them to another culture and a new skill or hobby: cooking!

Genre: cookbook

Reading level/interest level: ages 9 & up

Similar titles: The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking

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