Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

Beauty Rules. Bobbi Brown. Chronicle Books LLC, c2010. 287 pages.

Plot: Beauty Rules, a beauty book written by world renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown, is aimed specifically at young girls. Including Bobbi’s makeup tips, style secrets, and life lessons, it emphasizes natural beauty. This approach, combined with hundreds of photographs of real girls and advice on such topics as embracing your braces, Beauty Rules is ideal for tween girls who are ready to begin experimenting with makeup.

Review/personal thoughts: What I enjoyed most about Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rules was that it encourages young girls to feel good in their own skin. The book’s fifth chapter, titled “Be Who You Are,” discusses embracing those traits that make you unique. For example: braces, strong noses, freckles, and glasses. The book also promotes exercise and healthy eating habits, stating, “the better you eat, the easier it is to deal with everything from homework to emotions to parents” (Brown, 2010, p.48). Brown’s approach is a positive one for young girls as it encourages them to celebrate their individuality rather than promoting unrealistic standards. Beauty Rules is ideal for mature tweens who are ready to begin experimenting with makeup.

Genre: how-to

Reading level/interest level: ages 12 & up

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