Thank you, Nancy Drew.

As an incredibly shy child with a social life that, I’ll admit, lacked excitement, I’d disappear into a stack of books each week. Little was as thrilling as returning home from my local library with a bag of brand new adventures to be had! I’d settle in with my favorite lemon cookies and a Nancy Drew mystery and discover the secret of an old clock or a hidden staircase. Later, I’d read to escape whatever I found to be particularly unsavory at the moment. I discovered John Steinbeck and Joyce Carol Oates and devoured their beautiful stories and complex characters, leaving my own troubles behind. And so, to me, the library has always been our community’s greatest resource, supplying both great adventure and refuge.

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1 Response to Thank you, Nancy Drew.

  1. Beth Morrill says:

    I love the picture on your blog. It captures the sense of escaping into somewhere else that reading brings me, also. I didn’t read Nancy Drew so much but there was one summer on a vacation I discovered Cherry Ames-nurse/detective at the very small public island library. They took place in the 40’s and from the condition they were in when I read them they were published in the 40’s also!

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